Brett Siegrist, MD, FACS

Board Certified Vascular and Endovascular Surgeon

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Dr. Brett Siegrist moved to Arizona from New Orleans, Louisiana in 2006. He attended Princeton University for his undergraduate education and then went on to Georgetown Medical School to receive his Doctor of Medicine. His training in both general surgery and vascular surgery were obtained at Louisiana State University in New Orleans. Dr. Siegrist's training includes both traditional open vascular surgery as well as less invasive endovascular techniques. He holds certification from the American Board of Surgery in Vascular Surgery.

Dr. Siegrist served for three years in the United States Navy as a general surgeon. He completed a deployment on the USS Nassau in the Persian Gulf during Operation Iraqi Freedom. He then spent one year stationed at the Naval Hospital in Keflavik, Iceland.

Dr. Siegrist is a staff surgeon at Chandler Regional Hospital, and Mercy Gilbert Medical Center. In addition he holds a faculty appointment with the University of Arizona College of Medicine and has been an active participant in the training of residents and medical students.

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Patient Testimonials

Missy - "I am not someone that normally writes reviews. But there are always exceptions. That is because of my first hand experience I saw with my dad of what a highly skilled surgeon Dr. Siegrist represents. He treated my dad when others simply just gave up trying to find the cause of his pain. He went almost a year without being diagnosed correctly by other physicians and even one unnecessary surgery. Dr. Siegrist upon seeing my dad the very first time knew exactly what the issue was and jumped into immediate action. He performed a very long and extensive surgery that again other surgeons probably would not have entertained the idea of doing. During my dad's entire care, Dr. Siegrist treated my father and us with respect, true compassion and constant communication. He saw him as a person not a condition or diagnosis. But most of all he helped in having a hand in giving us the gift of more time with my dad! He is undoubtedly the best vascular surgeon and we are very thankful for him!"

Bill S. - "Dr. Siegrist was very professional and personable. I was most impressed by his honesty in recommending non-invasive treatments that would not be billable instead of costly treatments which he determined would not result in significant improvement of my condition. The staff were also efficient and friendly."

Howard C. - "The Best of the Best. Had plenty of experience with Doctors with 2 different Cancers one requiring 3 months chemo both requiring surgery. First time sought vascular help couldn't put a shoe on or walk without excruciating pain. Dr. Siegrist handled that problem. I recommended surgery or any procedure like removing veins that's how bad it was. . The Doc did some magic without surgery and today I am without compression braces on my knees or ankles. Thanks.
Round two. Another reason I would not go anywhere else for a vascular issue. Woke up with veins pooping out. They were swollen and oh so painful in thigh, knee and front of leg could stand or walk without waiting to cry. After just getting back from trip to Florida within the week I assumed a DVT (deep vein thrombosis) and feared the worse. Friday morning 8:00 am I call Dr. Siegrist office only to find out Friday is his surgery day. I assume nothing happens other than go to hospital or wait until Monday. Becky from the office staff reaches the Dr. Siegrist between surgeries and he calls me to discuss the vein problem .This is Impressive on a surgery day.. I expected to hear go to hospital or call me Monday if you feel it can wait. DR. Siegrist Cares. Even better the DR. tells me to go to the office pick up a order for ultra sound (again Becky had it ready) marked stat. Again kudos for having excellent staff. Again impressed. I wanted to stay out of hospital for many reasons including covid and that exactly what happened. I build and own medical facilities and surgery centers and my choice now and in the future is Dr. Siegrist and his practice partners.
Dr. Siegrist is professional. He knew exactly what to do. Went stat for the ultra sound and again he was 100% right. Getting better already.
Thank you."

Jan H. - "Dr. Seagrist listened carefully, was verbally clear and concise about treatment, was kind and effective."

Source: - Review Link

Source: - Review Link

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